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Every degree is backed by career services – for life.

Good news! Get access to our 免费的职业工具和资源 right now and even more as a student, for a lifetime.

Good news! Get access to our 免费的职业工具和资源 right now, and even more as a student, for a lifetime.

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See which skills you'll work on in each course you take — and how they could help you pursue your education goals.


Complete your assignments and see which skills they align to; earn the appropriate score — or higher — for your chosen degree level on assessments such as tests, presentations and projects to demonstrate you've gained a skill.

Track your progress

See which skills you've learned and demonstrated with your coursework and which ones you may need to work on.


After you've gained a skill you'd like to use more at work, you can use your assessments to help show to an employer or prospective employer what you bring to the table.



Our Career Navigator provides tools to help you identify your goals as you chart your course. As a Phoenix, you'll have access to these resources from your first day of class to graduation and beyond.

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Explore careers

Evaluate career options based on your interests, degree program and more. 比较预期的就业增长, daily tasks, skills required, related job titles and salary range for different careers.

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查看保存的职业和职位名称, identify career goals and understand what skills you need to prepare for your next step.

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Track your skills in one place as you move through your courses or degree programs. 找出它们如何适用于你的职业目标.

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Browse job openings

Discover open positions suited for you based on your program, location, job-aligned skills, and more. 过滤您的搜索,以满足您的需求, 比如经验等级和远程工作, 准备好了再申请.


Dive into guides, templates and infographics designed to help you career with confidence. Get tips on:

  • Resumés and CVs
  • Cover letters
  • Personal branding
  • Interviewing
  • Job prep



Career Support



Career Support


Virtual interview tips that can help you on the job hunt

Career Support


Let's talk about aligning your degree to your career goals.


of our surveyed students believe their education provides them with skills and knowledge immediately applicable to their career.

我们的终身职业服务® commitment

推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜, we provide continuous assistance to support you on your professional journey. The Career Services for Life® commitment encompasses a wide range of resources and offerings available to active students [1] and graduates [2] 我们的学位和证书推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜:

  • Receive support and career coaching — from job search support and
    resumé building to interview preparation and salary negotiation
  • Build professional relationships through networking and mentorships
  • 学习如何建立一个强大的个人品牌
  1. Active student: a University of Phoenix degree or certificate student who has attended a course within the last 30 days or is on an approved leave of absence.
  2. Graduate: an individual who has successfully completed a University of Phoenix degree or certificate program.

职业发展从不停止. That's why every you Uiversity of Phoenix degree is backed by career support for life. Let's meet Shammai. She's a mother of three who has earned three degrees from you. Sammy took advantage of the university's career services for Life offering and was able to build a personalized career plan to pursue her goals. Take it away. 谢谢你的介绍,Alex. Hello, everyone. 我所受的教育使我能够追求自己的职业目标, but an unexpected health crisisnearly upended that overnight. Despite all of my hard work in school, I found myself underemployed and raising a family. I had lost all confidence until I heard about the University of Phoenix's commitment to career support. 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的学生可以使用工具, 终身职业顾问提供的资源和支持. I received one on one support from an advisor who helped me articulate my education and skills on her resume and prepare for a job interview. She stood by me and empowered me to understand my dreams, 正确地看待它们,然后去实现它们. 但支持并不止于此. Students and alumni can access a suite of resources on networking, 个人品牌发展, salary negotiation and more from the second panel throughout their career. The education and support I receive from you was a tremendous asset for reaching my professional goals as a career oriented profession. It means the world to me to know that my university cares about my career growth and is always there to support me when I need your picks as a part of the foundation of the professional I am today. Because online education reinforces personal responsibility, 成就和责任, it allows people, 不管他们来自哪里, the opportunity to better themselves and shoot for the stars. And get this, I'm also involved in this doctoral program. Attending the University of Phoenix has been the best decision for my education and my career. 我期待着成为博士的那一天. Shammai Terry. That's it for me. Alex. Right back to you. Wow. What an amazing accomplishment to my You all students have access to a team of dedicated advisors that help with one on one career support. Resume building and interview prep for life at no added cost. Students can feel confident that their degree will prepare them to succeed in today's workforce. Thanks for sharing.


终身就业服务® commitment

对沙迈来说,职业发展是头等大事. That's why we provide students with a lifetime of personalized career support, from 1:1 guidance and resume help to interview skills and more.


“My advisor empowered me to understand my dreams and go achieve them.”

Shammai Terry
AACJ 2009 | BSB 2018 | MBA 2020 | Future DM