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Our 在线刑事司法学位 prepare you for careers in corrections, the court system, 执法及保安. Pursue a degree that gives you skills that professionally support and protect justice.

Learn more about our associate, bachelor's and master's 在线刑事司法学位.

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Our 在线刑事司法学位 are designed specifically for working professionals, like you. Which means they help you build a strong foundation in criminal justice while learning the leadership skills to prepare for a career in corrections, the court system or other positions within the fields of criminal justice, public administration and security without leaving your current role to attend school.

Save time and money

Graduate faster by transferring in prior eligible credits from another accredited institution. If you have existing industry certifications as well as military, security, or law enforcement training you can apply to have that relevant experience evaluated for college credit toward degrees in Criminal Justice Administration, Public Administration and Administration of Justice and Security.

Tuition Guarantee


We’ve locked in our affordable tuition for the duration of your online criminal justice degree. So, you can count on your tuition to be as dependable as your education.


At University of Phoenix our instructors average 28+ years of experience in the fields they teach. So, you won’t just study theory you’ll learn how to apply it.


在你毕业之前就从你的教育中获得价值. Update your resumé and LinkedIn profile with learned skills when you complete every 5- or 6-week course in our associate, 学士和硕士推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜.



Our college deans focus on developing a career-relevant curriculum. They bring industry experience to the classroom and lead a faculty of academic professionals with one goal in mind—to help you earn the skills you need to pursue your career.


Christina Neider, EdD



Franzi Walsh, DBA


教育和职业发展是相辅相成的. 我现在的处境就是这种哲学的证明吗.”

Joshua V.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, '11

教育和职业发展是相辅相成的. 我现在的处境就是这种哲学的证明吗.”

How to apply


Set your goals

Select your criminal justice degree, course or certificate.


Complete your application on your own or with the help of an enrollment representative.

Start school

Register for class and get ready for the first day of school.



Our criminal justice degrees can prepare you to work in a variety of settings:

  • Criminal justice – Operate in the field, 用你对代理机构的新理解, corrections systems and procedures involved in criminal justice
  • 刑事司法行政 – Serve your community via administrative responsibilities in law enforcement, 刑事法庭和惩教
  • 公共管理 -在公共和私营部门工作, engaging in areas such as civic leadership and non-profit management, to governmental, finance, and budgeting
  • Security management - Keep workplace assets safe as the front line of defense for employee safety and asset protection
  • 司法/安全行政 -在执法部门担任管理职务, corrections, 法院运作和安全组织

这是完成刑事审判需要的时间, public administration or security degree program without any prior academic or professional experience transfers:

  • Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice (AACJS): approximately 2 years
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration (BSCJA): approximately 4 years
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Administration (BSPA): approximately 4 years
  • Bachelor of Science in Security Management (BSSEC): approximately 4 years
  • Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security (MS/AJS): approximately 18 months
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA): approximately 1 year, 5 months

A criminal justice degree from University of Phoenix can help you in a number of ways:  

  • Equip you with general skills like communication, critical-thinking and problem-solving
  • Show potential employers your commitment to personal and professional growth

The University’s Criminal Justice programs are educational degree programs. For those interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, corrections or as a peace officer with any particular local, state, tribal, 联邦或国际机构, there are numerous additional qualifications (and often disqualifications) depending on the position. Before enrolling in a Criminal Justice program, potential students are highly encouraged to check with the relevant agency for a complete list of position requirements. The University makes no representations regarding whether any particular University program will qualify a graduate for any such position.


Online Degrees



Online Degrees



Start a conversation about your future with an enrollment representative today.

*While widely available, not all programs are available to residents of all states. 请向大学招生代表查询.